MALLCROWN 4 Ton Porta Power Hydraulic Jack Body Frame Repair Kit Auto Shop Tool Heavy Set


1.Easy to assemble
2.Safe extremely
3.Easy to use
4.Used for automotive, truck, farm and heavy equipment repair
5.Perfect for a variety of autobody repair, frame repair and construction jobs
6.Maximum load can not exceed the rated capacity The load can not exceed the half of the capacity when all tubes used.
7.The extension of the piston can net exceed the stroke.

For Safety:
1.Working oil: No 10
2.Check the level of oil, if it is not sufficient, please add the same hydraulic oil.
3.After using, close the valve with the cover, to keep the oil free from the dust and dirt.
4.Before lifting, adjust the jack slowly to make the load coaxial with resnect to jack.
5.Tube can not be bent, near to the catting tools and fires,also can not put te weight on it.

1.Color: red
2.N.W.: 44lb / 20kg
3.Load Capacity: 4 tons
4.Jack Power Type: Hydraulic
5.Max Lifting Height: 4.72" / 120 mm
6.Cylinder Min Height:10.94" / 278 mm
7.Working Pressure: 56 Mpa
8.Oil Be Filled: 350 g


Price: $357.15

Shipping: $3.00

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