MALLCROWN Hdmi splitter-the best one I choose


HDMI splitter is a special accessory used for splitting one HDMI signal into many which you can connect to different devices and get the same signal on each and every one of them. For example, you own a TV shop and you want to show the difference in quality between different kinds of TV’s but on the same program at the same time. You have cable, but you can’t connect every TV to it simply because there aren’t as many outputs on the box as the number of TV’s. In order to solve this problem, you buy an HDMI splitter and connect the box with an input of this accessory with an HDMI splitter cable. After connecting the box with a splitter, you will duplicate the original signal and send it to as many outputs as you want, for example 2 or 4.The important thing to know about HDMI splitters is that the signal you’re getting is simply a duplicate of an original signal, which means you will get the exact output on any number of devices. You won’t be able to watch one program on one TV and another on a different TV.Just like any other product out there, there are different kinds of HDMI splitters and it’s pretty important to know which one to buy.

In order to satisfy every need of a customer and the growing demand of HDMI cables, the founders had to create additional accessories to solve all kinds of problems.The accessories we’re talking about are HDMI Splitter (which we will cover in detail soon enough), HDMI Switcher, HDMI hub, HDMI audio splitter and many more.All of these accessories have unique purpose to solve some of your problems.

So let’s say, you want to have two different sources for your TV, but your TV only supports one HDMI input. In order to resolve that problem, all you have to do is buy an HDMI Switcher, plug two cables into input 1 and input 2 and use one cable to connect the output with your TV. After connecting everything, in order to switch between the devices connected to HDMI switcher, all you have to do is click the button on a switcher.An HDMI audio splitter solves another kind of problem. This is a solution for extracting analog sound off of a device which only supports HDMI and plug it into another device which supports analog audio only.

So, let’s say you’re playing PC, you want the video on your TV but the audio on a receiver which doesn’t support HDMI or optical out. You buy an HDMI audio splitter, put an HDMI cable from PC into an input, get another HDMI cable and connect your TV with an output but also connect your left and right channels from a receiver to this amazing accessory. Now, you have the audio on a receiver with a nice surround system and video on your TV.But now, let’s talk about the main reason you visited this article – HDMI Splitters.

In order to clear the confusion, first we have to point out that an HDMI cable splitter is NOT the same as an HDMI cable switcher. Many people don’t know the difference and although these accessories look similar, their purposes are completely different. We’ve already mentioned what Switchers are for in the text above, so what is an HDMI splitter?


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